New York (Relax!)

I hate panicking like I’m about to go deaf

Sometimes I feel like my hearing is all I have left

My ears were the first feature mentioned and first dropped from his list

of stellar qualities I brought to the ship

I hate myself when I’m too stuck in my head to listen

I hate when I’m too drunk to make smart impressions

With every trip to the restroom, my confidence lessens

Damn, I don’t know how I’d get by without patient fam

I just wish I could return the lesson

I hope you understand

A woman needs time to dance like Frances before she can make her Lady Bird

I may not be the best in the city but I could

make some new friends, cut some dead ends

Trim my thunderous thoughts into standards to live by

I don’t mind if it means training my brain for jazz

even though my earliest connections to it make me spazz

funny how a new table topic is not good, bad bad

I just want to live at shows like I always have

If I miss the blue notes and green mills, I might go blind

I miss the attention to detail of photography

I wish I could rewind