Sound Over Noise

Vulnerability is the most reliable measure of artistic authenticity. The hundreds of performances I’ve seen have shaped me into a sharper detector of bullshit. If someone is in this business for the right reason, they are driven by a desire to lift the souls in the room—not assault them with noise—whether it be through sincere singing, honest banter, or strange sounds that catch the swirling thoughts in our brains when words fall short, making us forget all the noise and feel the music. There is plenty of intelligent noise in the world, but when we step back and analyze how it sounds in the context of human relationships, we become more cognizant of the impact of violent sounds. How about we clear out the bullshit and focus on experimental yet thoughtfully produced content that will reach listeners far and wide not by way of artistic hubris, but pure love for the human connection that results from the craft?


The JMI family looks forward to seeing the positive human impact of Ray Angry’s musical reign.