CD (The Original Ode)

I’ve been studying poetry on Pandora since middle school

that’s around when my habitual library trips turned from books to CDs

singing Taylor Swift got me through my first breakup

how bout that for cool! Cool? please...

I was too quiet to be popular

I guess some guys were intimidated by my ability to read lyric sheets

it’s cool, my passion burns through me

but this never was about me

funny ‘cause now it’s cool to have the greatest authors up your sleeve

I can’t wait to go back to Florida and show Andy, Miss Williams, Miss T

and Mister Paterno, who believed in my film journal entries,

all the inspiration they’ve given me

who could have known such great teachers would be buried in Plantation and Davie?

they might be skeptical about the dancing

but I think they’ll still be proud to have raised me


Around him, I act righteous even when I know I’m wrong

That’s not how I usually am

I don’t know what it is about his care that makes me feel so strong

but it makes my head explode

no need to pass the bong

don’t let my smile bring you down

I don’t like to see my best friends’ frowns

just talk it out

I won’t judge you for sharing your fears

I’ve felt the same pain for years

I’ve only recently begun to overcome

look what one boy’s mistake has done!

but I’ve grown, I’m grown

you know I’ve always learned best through lyrics and songs