Antero Sievert

JMI is excited to announce we have signed Olympia, Washington resident Antero Sievert to a recording deal.  Mr. Sievert was born 21 years ago in Valencia, Spain’s third largest city.  The New York Times wrote of Valencia :

For hundreds of years, people in and around the city have formed symphonic brass bands. Children grow up learning to dance the jota and boleros and to play works by Mozart and Stravinsky, with flamenco coursing through their veins as well. Bordering the Mediterranean on Spain’s east coast, Valencia has long been the nexus of Western, African, Hispanic and South American cultures, the various musical traditions blending with the local.

In recent years, this city of about 800,000 has had an infusion of fresh sounds with the establishment, in 2011, of the first international campus of the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The campus set up state-of-the-art facilities in Santiago Calatrava’s soaring City of Arts and Sciences complex. It was a marriage made in music heaven.

A whole new music scene has since developed, merging the city’s musicians with students from all over the world. Visitors are finding many more concerts to attend, more bars and clubs in which to hear music and a generally more artistic and youthful vibe. Valencia is turning into a university town, with the emphasis on music, and it may be one of the few Spanish cities that is now more vital than it was five years ago.

“What’s happening here is what’s next musically,” said Brian Cole, dean of academic affairs at Berklee Valencia, over lunch in the city [in 2014].. “The area has a completely musical population.”

Mr. Sievert, born to a Peruvian father and Texan mother, moved to Austin as a child where he learned the piano.  Now a senior at Evergreen State College, he came to our attention on late night Instagram live video streams.  His ethereal tone on piano, all long delicate fingers and bristling solo ideas virtually screamed that his is a major voice with which to be reckoned. Nominally a solo-piano effort, Mr. Sievert’s JMI debut, titled _The Underscore after his Instagram handle _antero, will feature original compositions and arrangements including strings, trombone and percussion, the latter one of Mr. Sievert’s other talents.  

We will be gleefully updating our plans with Mr. Sievert as the ideas flow.  We can’t wait to see how this scene continues to play out. Welcome to the JMi family Mr. Sievert.