Spreading the gospel

Organic chemistry is a subject most people avoid. Except for would-be doctors and science aficionados, no one sees much of a need to know about elements and their combinations which explain life and Inamimate objects. But the effects music can have are a form of organic chemistry. Most music fans are familiar with the changes in mood produced by listening to certain songs or albums, from a simple mood change to a life changing course adjustment. So what is the  organic chemistry which makes up the transformative power of music? 

Oh, you were waiting for a logical, interesting answer? We don’t have one. We don’t know shit about organic chemistry either. Now get outta here knucklehead and go buy a Steve Wilson lp.  Buy it for yourself, for those times you just don’t know what to do. When such a time arises, play the record, hold the jacket and sleeve and read the text and look at the beautiful pictures. Smell the inside of the jacket, that heady mix of cardboard and vinyl. If at the end of the 38 minutes or so you haven’t experienced a change or been entertained email us, we’ll talk.