Realistic A&R

Back in the days when the record business was profitable based on sales of physical records, labels invested money and time in grooming not only artists, but executives responsible for selecting those artists and the songs, or repertoire they would record. That position has largely gone by the wayside where cutting costs triumphs over long term artistic legacy. Well, as we hope we made clear elsewhere on this site, other internet posts and most of all our recorded output, we value legacy over all. So, we are proud and pleased to announce that we have agreed to hire artist and repertoire representative Robby Alexander Finkelstein. Mr. Finkelstein, a student at Valencia College in Florida, is also a powerful instagram presence with his Rewind Hour and Robtherealest accounts which are part of the Chatting With Suga network started and sanctioned by our own label owner Suga Steve Mandel. As you may see in the thumbnail photo with this post, Rob has a deep background in music production since at least the age of 14, when he believed he needed to use each finger on a different fader of his control desk. Believe us, he’s learned a lot since then. Welcome Rob and we look forward to your first signing.