The sound waves

Recently we had a listen to the all-analog lp Steve Wilson Sit Back, Relax & Unwind with Mr. Wilson himself.  It was the first time he experienced listening to it on vinyl (as opposed to the tape playbacks at recording session).  He said it was the first time he ever liked hearing himself play on one of his recordings.  He also said it made him feel like he was a kid again listening to music at his parents’ house. The experience got us back to the drawing board of trying to describe what is so special about non-digital recordings.  Here goes : on all analog the sound waves coming out of the speakers produce a vibration which causes a slight physical sensation in the ears and throughout your whole body which leaves you microscopically but physically moved by the end of an album. No? We will try again in a little while no doubt. In the meantime, listen to the lp and feel the sound waving.