What's the difference

Today we explore the connection between dishonesty and evil. Are all liars evil? Do some lies even qualify as good? What does any of this have to do with a record company?  If you want answers to those questions stop reading here now and look elsewhere. The only thing we can unequivocally tell you is we will always strive for truth in our products and promotions.  Truth and purity. There is no financial endgame at JMI. We want to follow our collaborative hearts to make the best products we can without regard to whether they'll sell or not and have complete faith that if we do our job and honor our passion our mission is complete. This is not meant as a knock on anyone who takes a different approach. Indeed respect for different opinions is also a core JMI value. We also explicitly acknowledge we may be colossally wrong.  But we know no other way. Or rather we're bad at every other way. Thanks for reading and we'll see you next time. Not literally though this site has no vision. It's a website dummy.