Label loyalty

The powers who be at JMI collect vinyl Lps using many buying philosophies but one consistent theme is our loyalty to respective labels. It all started with label co-founder Steve Mandel and his near obsession with CTI and its offshoots KUDU and Salvation   Then he got into ECM and Enja, along the way noting important smaller labels like Blue Thumb and Milestone.  Next our wunderkind David Slitzky targeted all Creed Taylor Verve label releases.  Finally one label contrarian decided to buy all 17 releases by obscure Chicago label Bee Hive Records. 

On one level these vinyl collection habits are a way to study history. Not the history they teach in school but the history of men and women who built their own creative universes and sold pieces of them with love and the desire to entertain. Often profit seems to have been beside the point.  See Watt Records and its predecessor labels for a great example of labels which never seemed to have a chance at financial success but stand as monuments to artistic freedom and originality. We hope here at J.M.I. to one day inspire such loyalty from our buyers.